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2012 - 2016 -  BFA - Shanker, Multidisciplinary art school

Exhibitions & Festivals


2021- EMBODIMENT, a solo exhibition in p8 gallery TLV, curated by Neta Dror and Naama Kleiman.


2020 - ZUMU - Lower Galilee, residency and creation of a new sculptural installation as part of the Fourth Station of Zumu, curated by Ofra Harranm.


2020 - "POTLACH", a pop-up exhibition in a community residential building at Congress Street, Tel Aviv.

2019 - DIAF, Damyang international art festival, South Korea.


2019 - CAVE, group exhibition at under 1000 gallery TLV.


2018 - Ubication - Spacial project at Hamiffal‭, ‬“The Factory‭,‬” art and

cultural center, Jerusalem


2018 - Changing Rooms - group exhibition as part of PHOTO IS:RAEL 5


2017- Fresh Paint art fair TLV.


2016 Site Specific - dual show at Zemack contemporary art TLV.


2016Shankar - multidisciplinary art school graduate exhibition


2015 - White Night, Tel Aviv. The event combined video and live music. 


2014 - 2015 - "Night light" festival, Neve Shanan, Tel Aviv.

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